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Alone and Wanting to Date? When Being Single Feels Hard

Going from "in a relationship" to "single" can leave even the healthiest person feeling alone. But should loneliness be a reason to start dating? Reclaim your relationship status today and name it "living fully alive!"

4 Ways To Thrive In Your Marriage Through Adversity

When we first get married, we quickly learn that we're not very good at being married. The beginning of marriage brings its difficulties of transitions and learning to be interdependent with someone. Eventually, adversity comes, and we need to be prepared on how to thrive in those seasons.

How The Ordinary Days Make Us Unshakeable In The Difficult Times

Sometimes we will experience seasons of 'ordinary' in our marriages and in our relationship with God, but does that make those days meaningless? What if those ordinary days were meant to build an unshakeable foundation? Start reclaiming your ordinary days to have an unshakeable future!

Single On Valentine’s Day? This One Is For You

Does being single in February feel more like a curse than a blessing? Are you struggling to trust that Gods timing is perfect? Then this one is for you! You can reclaim your singleness!

5 Signs You’re Ready For A Serious Relationship

We all want to meet that Mr. Right, but how will we know if the timing is RIGHT when he comes along? Here are 5 signs that show if you're ready for that serious relationship. Are you ready if he walks into your life?

How to Love Someone When You Feel Unloved

She seems to be everywhere you go. We all know her, the friend that hurt you, the friend that you're having a hard time forgiving. You know you have to love her, even though you feel unloved, but how? Can't we just cut them off? Can't we just pretend everything is okay? Does God have a purpose in loving someone who has rejected us?