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How to Recognize If Your Thoughts Are Lying To You

What if life has taught us wrong? What if the way we perceive things to be just isn't reality at all? What if our thoughts are lying to us on a daily basis? Join me on a journey to allow God to renew your thinking! Indeed, a mind filtered by TRUTH is a mind made free.

Divorced at 24 – How God is healing me

Divorced and broken do not have to be part of your identity. Let God begin to reclaim and heal you. You are called for more!

Is It Time To Say YES To God?

But I felt God’s gentle whisper: “Can you trust me with an unknown future? Can you trust me and let go of control?” That night I said yes to God. Is it time you said YES to God?

Why ‘She Is Reclaimed’?

We have rebranded to a new ministry: She Is Reclaimed. Read why Amaris is leaving behind Crumbs & Glamour. Do you dare to live reclaimed with her?
Faith, Inspiration

Self-Discovery: Reclaim The Woman You Were Created To Be

We've strayed. We're morphed. The women we were created to be now live in the shadows of life's pain. We seem controlled and put together to the world, but on the inside, we are dying with anxiety, depression, insecurity, and self-hatred. Indeed, we are crippled. Start your process for self-discovery! Reclaim the woman you were created to be!

Beyond The Darkness | Pt. 3 – An Identity Crisis

You woke up, sadness hits immediately, and you consider whether or not you should get out of bed at all. You can't handle another day like yesterday. You remind yourself "oh that's right, it's just MY depression." It brings you comfort to acknowledge that old familiar friend. Despite the pain that depression has caused you, you have taken it as your own. What if there was a way to truly be free from depression? Would you do what it takes ...