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Beyond The Darkness | Pt. 2 – Types of Depression

Cyclical depression? Is depression demonic? Is it just a personality trait? Part 2 to the depression series. Acknowledging what type of depression we are dealing with. A biblically grounded series on depression. Does depression have a purpose and does God still have a plan for your life if you struggle with depression?
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The One Factor Causing Your Anxiety That You Haven’t Considered – And How To Fix It.

Have you ever noticed or experienced anxiety when you're doing exactly what you should be doing? Do you struggle with anxiety in your career, calling, or dreams? Here's how to overcome!
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Mental Toughness: Looking Past Criticism

Someone tell me I'm not the only one?! When I get so caught up over a mental struggle that I lose peace for that day. I hate when I do this...
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The #1 Way to Break Shame

Shame is the emotion that eats at our soul. And unless we break free from it, we will never be able to truly live.